Cách Chơi Attack On Titan Online


Subjugate the opposing player’s Titans! Each player will be assigned a team of Titans that the opposing player must subjugate khổng lồ cause damage. Increase the damage dealt by skillfully severing the Titans’ limbs before subjugating them or capture your own Titans to lớn recover your HP gauge. Reduce the opposing player’s HP to lớn 0 or ensure your own HPhường is higher than your enemy when the timer runs out to lớn win the game.

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The Burst Gauge

Subjugate Titans lớn fill your Burst Gauge. Once filled, the player can enter Burst Mode, greatly increasing their attack power for a period of time.

Battle Royal style competitive sầu mode with a maximum of 6 players, where players compete for the amount of points earned within a 4 minute time limit. Tirã elimination points are points received when you take out Titans in battle & the player with the highest score wins. Players can choose a skill type out of 10 types that matches their playstyle, with base stats similar for each player. While players cannot directly attachồng other players, they may steal opportunities to lớn defeat Titans & use items to lớn obstruct other players, so eliminating Titans more quickly than anyone else becomes vital.

The keys to lớn victory

If you destroy Tichảy body parts before eliminating them, you can gain more points, so try lớn get as many points as you can by targeting other parts before aiming for the nape. But there will also be risk of the targeted Titan being taken over by your opponent, so be careful while you concentrate on one.

Free Update Available 3/29!Prey on humans!Predator Mode

In Predator Mode, you compete for points as you control a Tichảy.You score points by attacking humans và destroying structures. Devouring humans is the way to gain high scores, so that should be your primary focus.

Levi, on attack!

You won"t just be up against defenseless morsels. Powerful, armed soldiers will show themselves, too. Be careful about running inlớn them, because Titung eliminations at the hvà of soldiers will cost you points. When targeted by a soldier, you can divert attention by attacking another Titan.

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Team Battle of up lớn 4 vs 4 in Annihilation Mode!

The newly introduced Competitive sầu game type, Annihilation Mode, sees two teams of four Scouts compete to lớn earn the highest score within a phối time limit. Defeating the devastating Titans is one of the most important ways to lớn earn these points, và working together is key lớn annihilating these foes as quickly và efficiently as possible.

Chain Bonus

Tackling foes as a unit will earn the team a Chain Bonus, where higher scores will be offered through destroying each Tichảy body toàn thân part before eliminating them. Team members can be identified by a blue line connecting them.

Earn 2x points!

As a match draws khổng lồ a climactic cthua trận, the stakes rise as in the last minute any points earnt are doubled. Within this time, it is of upmost priority for players khổng lồ work closely and earn as many points as possible to come out in the lead!

Communicate through gestures and messages

Interact with other players in the online lobby before battle. Familiar gestures, including the "dedicating your hearts" gesture, and famous lines from the anime và manga are available.

Enjoy Co-op with players worldwide!

Online functionality isn"t only limited khổng lồ competitive sầu play. Players can take on missions co-operatively in Story Mode và Scout Missions with friends or other players around the world. Gathering a team of cthua thảm allies during these modes allows players to experience the gripping events of A.O.T. 2’s narrative sầu together, or players can offer help others that are struggling against the Titan threat.

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Joint Development

You can develop equipment with friends with less material than when you vì chưng work on alone.