Has the phone/electricity/gas/mạng internet been connected (= switched on or joined to the main supply) in your new place yet?

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If two buses, trains, etc. connect, they arrive sầu at times that allow passengers to get off one & onto lớn another:
(of aircraft, trains, etc.) to arrive before a second vehicle leaves on which passengers can continue their trip:
connect sb/sth to lớn sb/sth Our alặng is to lớn connect our members lớn a global network of business & industry peers.
He had a problem connecting what he had learned on the course with the day-to-day running of the department.

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to lớn allow someone who has made a phone Gọi khổng lồ speak khổng lồ another person or lớn use a telephone service:
connect sb khổng lồ sb/sth BT has raised the price of connecting callers to its directory enquiry service.
if two public transport vehicles connect, they arrive at suitable times to allow passengers khổng lồ get off one & onto another in order to continue their journey:
connect with sth Your flight arrives at ten o"clochồng and will connect with a bus service lớn the conference centre.

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a flight, train, etc. that leaves at a suitable time for you to lớn take it to lớn continue your journey after you have travelled on a previous flight, train, etc.:
There are connecting services to lớn Schiphol airport in Amsterdam from more than 10 UK regional airports.
to lớn bring together information from different places in order lớn understvà something as a whole or how different things affect each other:
The underlying graph & the hierarchy are connected to each other by a third graph, called the coupling graph.