All you need to lớn bởi vì is type the word you need to translate from Vietnamese to in the search bar lớn get started. You can type a Vietnamese word to translate inkhổng lồ; however it works just as well the other way around as both language combinations are searched through you tìm kiếm for a translation. You are shown the result page for the Vietnamese word you và all the sections related lớn it: translations, grammatical information, synonyms, context và forums in Vietnamese.

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Search the Vietnamese dictionary by letter

In case you vì chưng not have sầu access khổng lồ a Vietnamese keyboard to lớn type special characters, you can either use our virtual keyboard, near the search bar, or you can simply browse the Vietnamese below. They are in alphabetical order and you only need khổng lồ hop from a list lớn another until you find the Vietnamese word you need.

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Verify a Vietnamese khổng lồ translation

A các mục of some of the Vietnamese translations suggested by other users has gathered below. You can help the community by editing translations that you think have a mistake or vote for a translation that you think deserves to lớn be added to lớn the dictionary.

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Why participate?

As soon as you have sầu joined by creating your free trương mục, you can improve the chất lượng of the dictionary by making it more sầu và more accurate. We want lớn become the largest online dictionary in order lớn help as many Vietnamese learners as possible. By adding new words, you help us keep the dictionary up-to-date & with translations for the lachạy thử Vietnamese words created for technical purposes or simply made up in the street. This is also how a language evolves. Apart from adding new to lớn the dictionary, you can also verify & correct Vietnamese translations suggested by other users. These will be marked as "unverified" until users have agreed they are good for the dictionary.We are happy lớn welcome you to lớn the language community, all you need to lớn bởi is to lớn register for free. Once you have your personal account, you can start adding translations and thus gathering points for the world ranking. The more active you are, the more points you get! You can suggest new translations for the dictionary as well as any other language combinations you master. If you have any doubts about a word, you can ask a question in the diễn đàn. The other users can provide you with information about Vietnamese grammar, spelling or dialects, or Vietnamese culture and traditions.