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Enthusiastic đi với giới từ gì?
Enthusiastic là gì?Enthusiastic đi với giới từ gì?Enthusiastic đi với các từ nào?Các từ liên quan với EnthusiasticTừ đồng nghĩaTừ trái nghĩa

Hăng hái, nhiệt tình; say mê: showing enthusiasm:

VD: The participants were very enthusiastic, and over 2200 adults participated, almost twice as many as we had originally estimated.

Enthusiastic đi với giới từ gì?

Enthusiastic + about

You don’t seem very enthusiastic about the party – don’t you want to go tonight?

He was quite enthusiastic about the idea. 

Enthusiastic + in

| in enthusiastic in their support of him

Enthusiastic đi với các từ nào?

Trạng từ

ADV. all, extremely, highly, immensely, incredibly, really, very, wildly 

She’s all enthusiastic about China now that she’s been there.

The audience was wildly enthusiastic. 

| less than, not overly, not particularly 

Mrs Neil did not seem particularly enthusiastic about her job. 

| largely Film critics are largely enthusiastic about the thriller. 

| fairly, quite | genuinely

very: extremely, genuinely, highly, hugely, incredibly, really, so, tremendously, very, wildly

I am very enthusiastic about science and I would encourage everybody to study it.

not very: not over, not overly, not too

To be frank I wasn’t over enthusiastic about the idea at first.

particularly: particularly

The children were particularly enthusiastic about using the computer.

in a way that affects others: infectiously

The lecturer is infectiously enthusiastic.

too: over-, overly, too

I must confess that I’m not over-enthusiastic about washing the car.

My sometimes overly enthusiastic approach to life annoys some people.

Động từ

be, become, feel, get, remain, seem, sound

We try to encourage young people to engage with books and become enthusiastic about reading.

Danh từ enthusiasm đi với các từ nào?

considerable enthusiasm
The villagers showed considerable enthusiasm for the public elections.

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enormous enthusiasm
They went to volunteer activities after work; there was an enormous enthusiasm.
great enthusiasm
The study is written with great enthusiasm and appreciation for the didactic methods of the treatise.
initial enthusiasm
Thus, my initial enthusiasm was tempered a little by the end of the book.
lack of enthusiasm
In 1933 the executive appears not to have met for six months and postponed a mission owing to lack of enthusiasm.
popular enthusiasm
Amongst the most concrete expressions of popular enthusiasm for education were independent primary schools.
religious enthusiasm
The relationship between religious enthusiasm and enlightened philosophy, however, could be closer than is often thought.
tremendous enthusiasm
There is tremendous enthusiasm in the beginning, but later, as problems begin to become evident, usage rates drop and eventually stabilize at a substantially lower level than the peak.
wave of enthusiasm
If physicians allow themselves to be uncritically swept up in the wave of enthusiasm for so-called alternative medicine, they risk misinforming and harming their patients.
widespread enthusiasm
The country had made a promising head-start in 1991, without the burden of a national debt and amidst widespread enthusiasm.

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wild enthusiasm
The police or the fire brigade might be involved, and in their wild enthusiasm they might do irreparable damage to a building of historic importance
youthful enthusiasm
It is an informal work of youthful enthusiasm for literature, and as such an impressive performance.