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Many times, the downloaded thiết lập file for an ứng dụng or a program is damaged, incomplete, or it may not meet the system requirements, and it shows an error message, “NSIS error – Error launching installer“.

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The error means that the installer failed the self-check due khổng lồ some changes been done from what it was originally. However, if the installation still goes on, the final installed software will be damaged. Therefore, it shows the error lớn stop the installation process to continue.

However, this error can be fixed. Let’s see how.

Method 1: Shifting the thiết lập tệp tin to lớn another folder

Just copy the setup file & shift it to any other location in any another folder. Now, try khổng lồ run the thiết đặt file, it will run smoothly. The reason behind this is that sometimes the path contains some non english characters & it throws the error.

Step 1: Go to lớn the location where the thiết đặt file is located (for which you are seeing the error).


For instance, here we tried to lớn open the VLC Media Player setup file, but the error was showing up. So, we navigated to lớn the original location of its thiết đặt file/installer in the File Explorer, in the Downloads folder to lớn change the location of the installer.

Step 3: Now, right-cliông xã on the installer, select Copy.


Step 4: Next, paste the copied installer khổng lồ a new location. We created a New Folder on desktop, named it Media Player, và moved the VLC installer to this new folder.

*chú ý – Do not use any non-English characters in the Folder name, or the installer may not work properly. For instance, avoid adding characters like #,
, Л, Д, Ж, Й, Г
, & so on. Cheông xã the example below:


Step 5: The correct folder path for the installer will look lượt thích this:

C:UsersmadhuOneDriveDesktopMedia Playervlc.exe

Run the installer now from this new folder and it should work now. If not, try the 2nd method.

Method 2 – Find the Program responsible for this error

First leave sầu the NSIS installer error message open. Do not cthảm bại it.

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1. Now, Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys together to open Task manager.

2. Now, Locate the NSIS error.

3. Right cliông chồng and Cliông xã on Go to details. This will let you identify the culprit program responsible for this.

4. If Going khổng lồ process does not help, right clichồng và clichồng on open file location


Normally many user found programs lượt thích dropbox updater was the reason behind it. In your case it may be different. Get rid of that.

Method 3: How To Fix the NSIS error “Error launching installer” in Windows 10 Using Comm& Prompt

Step 1: Search cmd in windows 10 search box. Right click và run as admin.


Step 2: Exeđáng yêu the below-mentioned path in the Command Prompt in the format as shown:

"Your software folder locationyour software name.exe"

For instance, our command looks like this:

"C:UsersmadhuOneDriveDesktopMedia Playervlc.exe"

There is a shortcut to lớn vì chưng the method also,

Just drag the cài đặt file lớn Commvà prompt window.

Now, hit Enter & the installation procedure will start. This should install your software properly.

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