Within the Imperial City complex in Huế, Vietphái mạnh, is a secondary citadel called in English the "Purple Forbidden City". (Or, per some sources, the "Forbidden Purple City.")

According lớn my guide book1:

The Forbidden Purple City, enclosed by a low wall, was the personal domain of the emperor; only eunuch servants & concubines were allowed in.

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The Wikipedia page for "Imperial City, Huế" says:

Within the Imperial City is the Purple Forbidden City (Tử cnóng thành), a term similar to lớn the Forbidden City in Beijing. Access khổng lồ the innermost enclosure is restricted khổng lồ the Nguyễn imperial family.

I can"t seem to lớn find why it"s called so. What does the word "purple" in the name refer to?

vietnam giới toponymy
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asked Apr 18 "16 at 15:04

Roddy of the Frozen PeasRoddy of the Frozen Peas
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It is a literal translation of the Sino-Vietnamese phrase "Tử cấm thành": Tử means Purple, Cnóng means Forbidden, and Thành means City. "Purple" here refers lớn the Purple Forbidden enclosure, a group of stars in Chinese constellations, the legendary residence of the Emperor of Heaven. It should be noted that the Purple Forbidden City has only been so called since 1822; before that, it was called "Palace City".

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answered Oct 25 "16 at 11:06

Hieu TranHieu Tran
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The Purple Forbidden City in Hue is an imitation of The Purple Forbidden City in Beijing, since the Vietnamese Empire was an imitation of the Chinese Empire. According to lớn Wikipedia, "purple" is (for some reason) the Chinese name of the North star, believed lớn be the home page of the Celestial Emperor.

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answered Apr 30 "16 at 2:14

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