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Hotline of Mini Dino Hunter
Triniti Interactive sầu Studquả táo

Unlimited Money
Android 4.1
August 21, 2020 (1 year ago)

Download điện thoại tư vấn of Mini Dino Hunter MOD APK & start the journey lớn hunt dinosaurs in this exciting game.

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Table of contentsAbout Call of Mini Dino HunterMOD APK version of Call of Mini Dino Hunter

About điện thoại tư vấn of Mini Dino Hunter

After watching Jurassic World 2 movie, I did not know what it would be like when the dinosaurs escaped from the building and began khổng lồ lay thousands of others, then they lived with the humans in the modern world? For someone who likes dinosaurs and stories about them lượt thích me, it would be very interesting.

If you want lớn hunt some dinosaurs, try to vì chưng that in Call of Mini Dino Hunter. This is a nice third-person shooter game by Triniti Interactive sầu Studtiện ích ios for both Android & iOS platforms, but your goal is not small animals in the jungle, that is Prehistoric dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Hunter


In gọi of Mini Dino Hunter, you are a dinosaur hunter. With your gun và some other weapons in your hands, you start an adventure through the vast lands, where the dinosaurs are hiding. You inherit the skills of a great hunter from your family, each màn chơi in the game is challenging for you to hone and improve sầu your hunting abilities. Conquer the most ferocious dinosaurs & make your father feel proud.

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call of Mini Dino Hunter uses the same virtual keypad as other action games on sản phẩm điện thoại. You can use the three keys on the right of the screen to lớn shoot, change weapons & defense, & a virtual key on the left of the screen lớn help you move. The gameplay is quite simple, but it is important khổng lồ know what you can bởi to win the animals which are bigger than you a hundred times with their iron skins. After you kill the tiny T-rex dinosaurs, the boss will appear from a nearby cave sầu ready to gore you any moments. Although at some màn chơi, the trùm cuối is a Triceraptor – a meek dinosaur, eating leaves but in this game, it is very aggressive và scary.

50 level, is it enough?


50 levels of Gọi of Mini Dino Hunter and 50 chất lượng missions will make you months khổng lồ conquer all. You will have the opportunity to meet 32 different dinosaur species, and the opportunity lớn receive sầu many noble medals in this game. Don’t miss it!

Unlochồng new clothes và weapons


After each stage, you will be rewarded with coins khổng lồ buy new weapons or characters. Currently, Điện thoại tư vấn of Mini Dino Hunter has 21 different weapons, from the simple archery lớn heavy machine guns. Also, vày not forget khổng lồ upgrade your character or unloông xã a few other accessories that will help this hunt easily. The good news is that everything in the game you can buy by trying khổng lồ get a lot of coins. You can still use real money lớn buy, but bởi vì not over depover on it.

LEGO style graphics


If Jurassic World Alive uses virtual reality giải pháp công nghệ to lớn help players catch dinosaurs in the real world, Điện thoại tư vấn of Mini Dino Hunter uses simple animated graphics. However, the environment in the game is still very detailed with many different environments such as volcanos, snowstorms or tropical jungle. You can visit majestic mountains, large caves or thousvà year forests. Characters & dinosaurs are designed in a pretty LEGO style.

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MOD APK version of call of Mini Dino Hunter

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: The currency in this game is used to lớn tăng cấp skills và weapons. With unlimited money, you will easily own all the weapons you want.

Download hotline of Mini Dino Hunter MOD APK for Android

Overall, this is a very exciting action game created by the awesome efforts of a well-known publisher, so it’s hard khổng lồ doubt the chất lượng of the game. If you love sầu dinosaurs, Gọi of Mini Dino Hunter is a great game for you. Are you ready lớn become the best dinosaur hunter?