Harry potter and the order of the phoenix


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Intense wizard dueling portrayed where one character is killed. If you thua a duel, you fall down, pass out, & wake up in the hospital ward.

Parents need khổng lồ know that this game is available across all platforms, but is truly spectacular when played on the Wii. The always-scary Dementors vày appear at the beginning of the game. Later, you duel the Death Eaters và Voldemort: Both are long, intense battles, thus triggering the E+10 rating. But the fantasy violence is a small part of this game. Instead the focus is on exploration, solving fetch tasks, và immersing yourself in the world of Harry Potter.

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I love it, & I would say about all ages 8+ could play this. Now I don't even like Harry Potter, but I LOVE the Clip game(s)!!!!
I think this is a really good movie! Although there is some scary scenes like the snake attacking mr.Weasley.
I lượt thích this game because you get so deep inlớn Hogwarts, which you can't bởi vì in the movies. Like when you think, I wonder how Muggle Studies is like, và all... Continue reading

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