Detháng Slayer Chapter 205 marks the ending of Kimetsu no Yaicha manga. With successfully taking 18 spots in the Oricon’s Top trăng tròn Volumes of the April month, the manga is going places.

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As promised, the spoilers for Demon Slayer manga are here. And just like every other time, we are the first one khổng lồ bring you the leaks. So without any further delays let us get started.

Please note that this post may contain spoilers from the manga. Only proceed if you have already read Demon Slayer manga.

Detháng Slayer Chapter 205

This is the last chapter of the manga that revolves around the modern world. Obviously, the old characters won’t be alive anymore. But their legacy is being passed down from one generation to lớn another.

Here are the spoilers for Detháng Slayer 205. Make sure to lớn follow us on Twitter for exclusive sầu spoilers on other popular manga.


The last chapter is set in modern times, with a color bottom page and 24 pages in total.

Demon Slayer 205 Release Date

As per the weekly schedule of the manga, Detháng Slayer Chapter 205 will release on 17 May 2020 with no delays in the releasing schedule. As of now, no continuation has been announced.

Spoilers, Leaks, and Raw Scans

Here are the spoilers for the 205th chapter of Detháng Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaitía manga.

#DemonSlayer Chapter 205.BIG time-skip ⏰All the original characters from Demon Slayer passed away. The popular ones are reincarnated. The ones wee see in this chapter are their descendants.It seems all our ships got approved by the creator.

— Thenxbldxh.com.vn (
guy_spoiler) May 14, 2020

The chapter starts with a big time-skip, some new characters are being introduced in the chapter that exactly look like the ones we adore so much. All the new characters are the descendants of the most popular characters from the Detháng Slayer. There are several students – Rengoku & Tanjirou seem really cthảm bại khổng lồ one another.

We see a Kindergarten teacher, a director, scientist, policemen, và husband-wife(shop owners). The Husb& and Wife Shop-owners are Mitsuri & Obanai. The Policemen are Sanemi và Genya. The Scientist is Inosuke. And as of now, the director and teacher remain unknown.

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The chapter ends with two characters from the old era being shown, One human và one detháng on a yellow picture, next lớn it are certain earrings(Hanafuda?). Someone watches over them carefully in silence. The End!

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Update: Detháng Slayer Chapter 205 is out now!

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 205 – Summary

The official summary for the upcoming chapter is out, please note that the chapter will be soon available online. For now, you can read the summary for Detháng Slayer 205 here –

The chapter starts with Kanata waking up Sumihiko (the descendants of Tanjiro và Kanao), then we see Agatsuma Yoshiteru, the one who looks like Zenitsu who is reading the story of defeating Muzan, which made hyên ổn emotional.

Suddenly he gets kicked by his older sister, Yoshiteru. Then we see hlặng talk about Reincarnation to Touko. Yoshiteru says, “I believe sầu in reincarnation. Everyone must have sầu been reincarnated lớn live happily in this world, especially those who gave their lives to lớn fight demons”.

Then we see Yoshiteru fangirling on a gymnast champion(looks like Uzui).

Then we see Botanist in the news (who looks lượt thích Inosuke). Unbelievably, he’s a scientist who discovered the Blue Spider Lily. Agatsuma mistakes him for a girl.

Inosuke becomes a scientist in Kimetsu no Yaicha chapter 205

They met Kanata on the way, Kanata và Touko both compliment each other. On the other hvà, Sumihiko is late khổng lồ school, so he jumps off the window và runs towards his school. Yushiro & Kiriya are still alive.

Rengoku lookalượt thích và Sumihiko are followed by police as they’re parkouring around, Rengoku looks like he offers hyên khổng lồ join the Kenbởi vì club & Sumihiko denies.

The police(Genya và Sanemi) finally caught up to Sumihiko & called his family, his mother picked up. In his house, we see a Katamãng cầu, a pair of earrings, and an old photograph as well.

Kimetsu no Yaicha manga thank readers for their continued support for reading until now, please look forward to next Koyoharu Gotouge’s works. Vol. 21 will be released on July 3rd & Vols. 22-23 will be announced on the official trang web (October & December).

Demon Slayer Chapter 205 will be out soon. Please stay tuned!

Where lớn read Detháng Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba manga?

Kimetsu no Yaitía chapter 205 & all other chapters of this manga are available on the internet. You can read the manga for không lấy phí online on Viz MediaandShueisha in English, Espanol, và other languages.

You can also buy the hard copy of the manga (if available in your country) to lớn support the creator. Please look forward khổng lồ Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 205.

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With the End of Kimetsu no Yaibố, manga readers are now looking forward lớn the anime adaptation of their favorite manga, i.e, Detháng Slayer Season 2.