Pokemon Go is about khổng lồ celebrate its fourth anniversary and to mark the occasion, a big bunch of Gen 6 Pokemon are being added in the Go Beyond update.

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Pokemon Go fans have been begging for Gen 6 Pokemon to lớn be added for quite some time now and there’s not much longer lớn wait until you can get your hands on some sweet new Pokepals with the new branded expansion, Go Beyond.

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From December 2, you’ll be able khổng lồ encounter, hatch và catch 72 Kalos Region Pokemon, including the much anticipated Greninja, Pyroar and Talonflame. There will also be a special event on December 2 until December 8 where an increased number of Kalos Region Poketháng available to lớn catch in the wild from 10 am until 10 pm in your local time zone.


Pokemon: Gen 6 Kalos Region list

As I mentioned earlier, there will be 72 new Pokemon from the Kalos Region appearing in-game, including starter Pokemon favourites like Froakie và Mythical Poketháng such as Hoopa. Sylveon will also be making an appearance with this update, for all you Eeveelution fans out there.

Poketháng Type Evolution & how khổng lồ catch
QuilladinGrassEvolves from Chespin using Candy
ChesnaughtGrass, FightingEvolves from Quilladin using Candy
BraixinFireEvolves from Fennekin using Candy
DelphoxFire, PsychicEvolves from Braixin using Candy
FrogadierWaterEvolves from Froakie using Candy
GreninjaWater, DarkEvolves from Frogadier using Candy
DiggersbyNormal, GroundEvolves from Bunnelby using Candy
FletchlingNormal, FlyingTBA
FletchinderFire, FlyingEvolves from Fletchling using Candy
TalonflameFire, FlyingEvolves from Flechinder using Candy
SpewpaBugEvolves from Scatetrbug using Candy
VivillionBugEvolves from Spewpage authority using Candy
LitleoFire, NormalTBA
PyroarFire, NormalEvolves from Litleo
FloetteFairyEvolves from Flabébé
FlorgesFairyEvolves from Floette using a Shiny Stone và Candy
GogoatGrassEvolves from Skidvị using Candy
PangoroFighting, DarkEvolves from Pancsay đắm when there is a dark-type Pokémon in your tiệc nhỏ in the main series, will also need Candy
MeowsticPsychicEvolves from Espurr using Candy
HonedgeSteel, GhostTBA
DoubladeSteel, GhostEvolves from Honedge using Candy
AegislashSteel, GhostEvolves from Doublade using a Dusk Stone and Candy
AromatisseFairyEvolves from Spritzee when traded holding a Sachet và using Candy
SlurpuffFairyEvolves from Swirlix when traded holding a Whipped Dream & using Candy
InkayDark, PsychicTBA
MalamarDark, PsychicEvolves from Inkay when console/phone is held upside down and using Candy
BinacleRock, WaterTBA
BarbaracleRock, WaterEvolves from Binacle using Candy
SkrelpPoison, WaterTBA
DragalgePoison, DragonEvolves from Skrelp using Candy
ClawitzerWaterEvolves from Clauncher using Candy
HelioptileElectric, NormalTBA
HelioliskElectric, NormalEvolves from Helioptile using a Sun Stone và Candy
TyruntRoông chồng, DragonTBA
TyrantrumRoông chồng, DragonEvolves from Tyrunt during the day and using Candy
AmauraRoông xã, IceTBA
AurorusRoông xã, IceEvolves from Amaura during the night & using Candy
SylveonFairyEvolves from Eevee
HawluchaFighting, FlyingTBA
DedenneElectric, FairyTBA
CarbinkRochồng, FairyTBA
SliggooDragonEvolves from Goomy using Candy
GoodraDragonEvolves from Sliggoo when levelled up during the rain or fog và using Candy
KlefkiSteel, FairyOnly available in France
PhantumpGhost, GrassTBA
TrevenantGhost, GrassEvolves from Phantump when traded và using Candy
PumpkabooGhost, GrassTBA
GourgeistGhost, GrassEvolves from Pumpkaboo when traded and using Candy
AvaluggIceEvolves from Bergmite using Candy
NoibatFlying, DragonTBA
NoivernFlying, DragonEvolves from Noibat using Candy
YveltalDark, FlyingLegendary
ZygradeDragon, GroundLegendary
DiancieRochồng FairyMythical
HoopaPsychic, Ghost, DarkMythical
VolcanionFire, WaterMythical

Players can start getting ready for the Go Beyond update from today with a new ‘12 Days of Friendship’ sự kiện, which provides handy bonuses before it rolls out on November 30.

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