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Choose between six welcome packagesRead detailed articles about the casinoRegular bonuses for every type of player




Choose between six welcome packagesRead detailed articles about the casinoRegular bonuses for every type of player
Lucky Queen SlotJungles hidden away in distant lands can be a maze of foliage that you can easily thua trận yourself in, every twist in the path or the snapping of a branch can be the difference between life và death. The jungle is a matter of survival. While the dangers can far outweigh everything else when hiking through the dense greenery, there is something lurking deep within that can change your luông chồng & bring riches beyond your wildest dreams.

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Not every jungle offers this, but the one from Wazdan does; living within the forests is a queen of magnificent beauty và wealth that, should she look kindly upon you, will allow you to lớn have sầu a taste of her treasures. The journey won’t be easy though, for there is a colourful grid lined with 5 reels và filled with 10 paylines, littered with features that make your quest a tough one.

Lucky Queen is a vibrant game that can deliver jackpots of varying amounts thanks khổng lồ its progressive nature.

Welcome to the Jungle

When the landscape loads you will be greeted by a svào looking temple surrounded by leafy plants & flowing, crashing waterfalls; a static image of this would be enticing enough, but this is 3D animated so that the leaves sway and the water cascades throughout your play. It’s beautiful.

The rest of the imagery inside the bamboo grid is of impeccable quality, even despite the fact that the vast majority of the icons are nothing more than fancy looking numbers & letters. Normally thẻ values appearing on a slot machine is an indication of lesser chất lượng, but with Lucky Queen there is an exception to lớn this notion, mainly because the tiles that are unique really are something all of their own.

The parrot, leopard, corn & temple are so beautifully crafted & put together that you’ll soon forget that the other symbols are a little less impressive. Moreover, they move with every winning full bộ, adding even more depth to an already multidimensional game renowned for its graphics.

Out of all the tiles you’ll want to keep your eyes especially peeled for the wild, scatter & multiplier, aka the queen, the temple, and the parrot. When three of the queen show up she will turn to look at you, and in doing so will swap out other symbols lớn try and make a winning combination.

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As for the scatter it will pay out no matter where it lands, and depending on how many you unlochồng, you’ll be granted a large number of spins, either 15, 30 or 90. Although these extras can’t be retriggered during the spins, they vì have sầu a x2 multiplier attached to lớn them which ups the ante some more.

Finally we come khổng lồ that stunning royal blue parrot, who when in the middle of all the reels during the spins, will increase the multiplier so that you get even better benefits and prizes. It’s generous without being over the top.

Betting & Paylines

We don’t mean lớn bore you but this kind of information is important when you’re not playing for fun, especially when you’re not familiar with the Wazdan brand; each gaming company has their own trademarks.

Amazingly the betting range for Lucky Queen is 1.00 lớn 1,000 credits, which quite frankly is one of the most diverse & accessible we’ve sầu come across. It’s easy khổng lồ select by clicking either the plus or minus symbol, depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the amount.

The payline settings are virtually identical lớn this, only you can move between 1 và 10. All pretty simple & user friendly so far, another positive sầu for this online activity. In addition there is the Max Bet toggle that will alter the amount you stake, which is actually affected by the number of lines you play with. If you play with the full 10 you only have sầu a max bet of 100 credits, but if you play with just 1 you’re baông chồng up to the 1,000.

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A Benevolent Leader

Sometimes money and leadership doesn’t always go h& in hand, we only have sầu khổng lồ look back over history to lớn know that, but with Lucky Queen you gain a positive sầu experience, which is what makes it so entertaining khổng lồ play. The progressive jackpot also is a nice touch to lớn the format displayed here, for it adds a level of unpredictability khổng lồ the title.