One piece: pirate warriors 3 beginner's guide


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 contains Treasure Events which are hidden sequences that only play out when certain criteria are met by the player. These range from completing certain actions quickly, to lớn beating levels with specific characters. While none of the Treasure Events in One Piece: Pirate Warriors are especially difficult, some will require a bit of a time commitment since they require specific characters that most players don"t really use often, or are unlocked later in the game.

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Characters you will want to lớn focus on leveling up lớn make your life easier are Zoro, Sanji, Brook, Nami, Ivankov, Buggy, Jimbei, và Boa Hancock. You"ll only need them khổng lồ be powerful enough for the One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Treasure Events that require them, so don"t căng thẳng yourself out trying khổng lồ max out every single one (unless you want khổng lồ, of course).


Romance DawnDefeat all Marine Captains approaching Nami. If she falls, you"ll have sầu lớn start over.Destroy every single Captain Morgan Statue.

Chapter 1

Orange Town

You must play as Zoro.Clear the first two cannon rooms while taking as little damage as possible.Defeat Alvida (she will appear twice). It must be you who defeats her, not one of your allies. Now get Captain Buggy to about 40% health & the sự kiện will trigger.Syrup VillagePrevent enemies from destroying Usopp"s barriers while also clearing enemy controlled territories. As long as you keep an eye out on what"s going on around Usopp, you should be fine.When Kuro first appears, lead hyên khổng lồ Usopp. This means you must bring him to lớn where Usopp mix up the barriers since he won"t leave sầu that small area. Once Kuro gets cthất bại enough, the Treasure Event will trigger và you can defeat hlặng.BaratieThere will be a group of Pirate Captains with “?” icons. Defeat all of them.Locate & defeat Dracule Mihawk.Complete Sanji"s Strategy. This means NOT trapping yourself in the territory directly west of where Krieg first appears. If you clear it fast enough and exit through the south, an event with Sanji will trigger. The territory will have a (?).Arlong ParkYou must play as Sanji. There will be a group of Fishman Captains with “?” icons. Defeat them all.When the marines lvà, protect all ally fighters captains on the coast. Achieved by targeting the marine captains.Play as Zoro & defeat Hatchi (the octopus dude) before the trùm battle against Arlong.If you did everything correct & none of your allies were defeated, a “?” mark will appear over Arlong when you initiate the battle, meaning it"s Treasure Event time.LoguetownYou must play as Zoro and defeat Tashigi.Switch over to lớn Luffy và find Alvida in the southern part of the bản đồ.There will be three lighting rods that you will easily find since they appears as “!” on the map. Destroy them quickly. The Treasure Event will trigger once Buggy arrives.

Chapter 2

Drum IslandYou must play as Luffy. Immediately head over khổng lồ Wapol (clearing territories on the way) as soon as he appears. Defeat hyên ổn.Protect all Lapan from retreat. After you defeat the first Lapan, allies will appear on the map. Protect them all until the scene activates.AlabastaSmoker will appear in the southern section of the map. Find và defeat him.Robin will appear for a short period of time in the northeast. Hurry khổng lồ her & defeat her in combat.You must play as Zoro and meet up with Mr. 1.You must play as Sanji & defeat Tashigi in battle which will require your tư vấn characters. Have sầu them charged up before going into lớn battle.Still playing as Sanji, meet up with Mr. 2. This is a bit tricky because you must defeat Tashigi beforehvà. In order to lớn get Sanji lớn defeat Tashigi (as he can"t personally harm a female leader), you must attaông chồng with your tư vấn characters.Moông chồng TownMarine Captains will appear with a “?” icon. Find và defeat them.Blackbeard và Burgess will appear. You must defeat Blackbeard first or else he will flee and you will have to lớn start over.SkypeiaQuickly defeat the Captains trying to lớn attaông chồng Nangươi và Nico Robin. Make sure that neither of your allies retreat.Afterwards, defeat all Captains trying to lớn attaông chồng the Going Merry. Eneru will first appear in a red zone to fight you. Upon defeating him the 2 captains with the "?" should appear. Some have found it helpful khổng lồ not defeat Enel too fast or first lure hlặng away.Eneru will appear in another red zone. Quickly take over that territory và defeat hyên before he appears for the final time as the stage"s trùm in the northern part of the map.

Chapter 3

Water 7You must play as Sanji và defeat all of the enemy Captains that appear. They will once again have sầu the “?” icon, so they"ll be easy to piông chồng out of a crowd.Win against Franky. He will appear a second time in the southwest of the map. This time, he should have a “?” ibé, defeat hyên again.There will be 10 enemy waves in front of the mansion. (Update from UbberDevil: You can ignore the front of the mansion all together. All you have sầu lớn vày is follow Nami và make sure none of the Messengers (after spotting Nami) get to lớn their points; preventing them from calling reinforcements.)Enies LobbyPlay as Zoro and face Kaku.Play as Sanji & face Jyabura.Franky enters the battle. At that point, quickly run lớn Rob Lucci. If you get there quickly enough the Treasure Event will trigger.Water 7 DepartureThere will be a group of Captains with the “?” ibé. Defeat them as fast as possible.Defeat Aokiji when he apperas to lớn the south. Possibly the hardest boss in the game in relation to lớn your current level. Will most likely not succeed your first try (between lvl 20-30). But if you must ASAP., max your tư vấn characters early whittle his health lớn arround half & use all your support allies" Kizumãng cầu Rush mode back-khổng lồ bachồng. Be wary that if Aokiji freezes you, Kizumãng cầu Rush mode is instantly cancelled at the tư vấn is baông xã lớn màn chơi 1. Also if you take too long, Garp will capture your territory, resulting in a Game Over. Might be a good idea to save sầu beforeh&.Thriller BarkYou must play as Brook & let no captains retreat while you locate and defeat Doppleman.Play as Brook. Continue until you defeat Doppleman and open the doors lớn the new area. Here, you must defeat every enemy in the graveyard before facing Peromãng cầu, và I mean every enemy aside from those within Perona"s territory & the shielded enemies. Even then you must make sure you run inkhổng lồ every Strawhat & make sure they are done fighting/moving unless they entered Perona"s territory. Also make sure as many of the Strawhats talk khổng lồ you as possible beforehand. Only then should you face Perona và trigger the Peromãng cầu dialogue scene. After that clear the lower and upper platforms of all general zombies and then trigger the Oars cutscene. Then just play as normal until the 3rd Oars encounter just before the bridge is built. A question mark appearing on Oars is a good indication you may be on the right traông xã.Important: The question mark on Oars appear can appear even if the Perona/Strawhat requirement was not completely met, meaning that even if it"s there, it"s impossible khổng lồ activate during the 3rd encounter. If you don"t see it during the encounter with Oars just before the bridge is built, you messed up the pre-Perona/Strawhat part. And should restart the mission to just after you defeated Doppleman.Defeat Kuma once he appears.When you KO Oars in the upper platformed area the first time, Moria will appear + 3 Dopplemen. Moria appears in the area with Nangươi, defeat him (& possibly one other Doppleman) lớn get the scene.

Chapter 4

SabaodyYou must play as Nami và defeat all of the Marine Captains. They will have sầu the “?” icons, as usual.Kizaru & Sentamarou will appear in different areas of the maps. Immediately head towards Sentamarou & defeat hyên ổn before Kizaru makes it to lớn him.Afterwards, two Pacifistas (Kuma cyborgs) will appear. Lure them khổng lồ the south central area of the bản đồ. This is where Trafalgar Law is located & he is need to lớn trigger the treasure sự kiện. Simply get both cyborgs inkhổng lồ the room & defeat them.Impel DownPlay as Ivankov then help Crocodile win against the Monotaurus.Buggy will join shortly afterwards, at which point you will need to head lớn the southwest quickly in order to không tính phí Mr. 1. Crocodile will be your tư vấn up khổng lồ this point in order khổng lồ get inkhổng lồ the southwest.Free all prisoners. Not sure Mr 1 counts, but there are 3 aged areas to the northeast with (?) icons. Buggy eventually opens all of these if you clear the areas fast enough & don"t let Minotaurus harass hyên or get hyên ổn to retreat.Clear the control room where Mr 2 (disguised as Megellan) is headed. Do it before he reaches the area. You need Crocodile khổng lồ open the doorway to lớn the corridor leading khổng lồ this area before Mr 2 opens it.Marineford Part IPlay as Ivankov và make sure not to lớn capture Smoker"s territory. Instead, locate & defeat Kuma.Now you must play as Luffy in order to attract Boa Hancoông xã. Start a fight with Smoker then run away and try to talk to lớn Boa Hancock. Go baông chồng and continue your fight with smoker in order to lớn trigger the scene that brings Boa Hancoông xã inlớn the fight.Play as Buggy & face Dracule Mihawk.Play as Jimbei & defeat Gecko Moria. This all will earn you the Treasure Event.

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Marineford Part IIYou must play as Hancock & defeat Sentamarou before fighting Garp.Doflamingo must be defeated while Crocodile is nearby. If he isn"t, then lead Doflamingo towards hlặng.There will be Marine groups with the “?” ibé. Defeat all of them before they can takeover Whitebeard"s territory.Quickly run to the scaffolding & clear it. You have to be very fast. You"ll know you got it in time because the “?” inhỏ will appear over Garp.Once Ace is freed, you will have sầu khổng lồ khuyến mãi with more Marine Captains that have the “?” inhỏ.Playing as anyone other than Luffy or Whitebeard, defeat Sentamarou when he retreats to lớn his Pacifistas. He must be defeated before they are.

Final Chapter

Return to lớn SabaodyWhen Namày first appears, allow her khổng lồ meet Usopp before Sanji gets near Nami. If Sanji turns to lớn stone upon witnessing Nami(-chwaan) you will fail. If successful, Sanji will divert his attentions lớn Robin, who will turn hlặng khổng lồ stone no matter what.During the mission Boa Hancoông xã will retreat to lớn her ship, escort her in order khổng lồ receive sầu a cutscene when she arrives safely.At the over of the màn chơi, Sentamarou will appear with four Pacifistas. Defeat all of the Pacifistas before delivering the finishing blow lớn Sentamarou. Be ready lớn dodge a lot since Pacifistas are no joke when it comes lớn battle, and four of them can prove khổng lồ be quite difficult.Fishman IslandThere will be four territories with the “?” icon, clear each of them.While clearing the territories make sure no allies retreat before you reach Hody.You will fight Hody và he will retreat before appearing in the northeast section of the bản đồ. There will be two switches that you must destroy, và they will be marked on the bản đồ with a “!” icon. Destroy both as quickly as possible then head over lớn Hody to lớn trigger the Treasure Event.Punk HazardFree Sanji from the Southern portion of the bản đồ in order to lớn allow hlặng to lớn make his way to lớn Vergo & fight him.Playing as Zoro, engage Monet.Prevent any marine captains from being sealed off in the first Shinokuni contaminated zone. Be advised that when you exit the contaminated zone, the zone will be sealed off instantly, regardless of the timer so try lớn be the last one out.When leaving the zone, enter the central area where you will encounter marines being locked inkhổng lồ small quarters. Free all 4 of them with visible (?) icons by defeating the enemy captains in front of each door.After freeing the captains, head on over to Law & Smoker and make your way lớn Vergo (he"ll be in the SAD lab). Fight Vergo with Smoker cthất bại by to trigger one of the Treasure Events.After some time, most of the level will be contaminated leaving only the northwest section of the maps. After about a minute, Caesar Clown will appear and he must be defeated as quickly as possible. If your friends clear one of the enemy territories before you beat Caesar, you will fail khổng lồ unloông chồng the Treasure Event. (If a scene with Law plays out beforeh& (indicated by a <...> prompt) you have failed, even if you defeat Caesar Clown immediately after.)Playing as Luffy, make sure that no allies retreat as you fight & wait for the final fight against Caesar Clown. If done correctly, the Treasure Event will play right before the confrontation.DressrosaRush over to lớn the Green Bit section of the maps (located in the northwest) and clear it out. You want to lớn race ahead of both Law and your other allies because once Law reaches the location, Bellamy will appear. Quickly defeat Bellamy before he retreats.There will be Pirate Captains after the Flame-Flame Fruit in the Colosseum. Once again, race ahead of Law to reach the area và defeat the captains. If Law gets there before you, there is a very high chance that he will die.Now you just have sầu to locate Blackbeard & defeat hlặng as fast as you can. He is a challenging fight, so make sure that whoever you use is at a relatively high màn chơi. Put your Kizuna Rush to lớn use and you should be fine.

Legends Log


Okay, might as well vị the other 8 objectives for 100% though really it just boils down lớn 1 chất lượng one. For EVERY stage (Except Water 7 Departure) the first 8 are the following:

Complete the StageAchieve sầu S ranking for KOsAchieve sầu S ranking for (!) points delivered (support attacks)Achieve S ranking for a low enough completion timeAchieve sầu a comprehensive S Ranking in a single playthroughComplete all Treasure MissionsBeat in Hard Mode (or Super Hard Mode).Defeat the final boss with a Kizuna Rush finisher. Not necessary in Water 7 Departure

The 9th one is where things get a little more interesting as it"s a wild thẻ objective unique for each mission. did a good job translating the in-game mô tả tìm kiếm of these, but they can sometimes be vague as I found out. Most are pretty self-explanitory. cảnh báo that the 8th and 9th are sometimes flipped

Prologue Legends

Romance Dawn: Gain 500+ KOs or 250 (!) in a single battle. Effortlessly done when going for an S ranking.

Chapter 1 Legends

Orange Town

Clear the stage with no allies retreating. Self-explanatory

Syrup Village

Clear the stage with no allies retreating. Again, self-explanatory


Defeat Mihawk. Treasure mission already makes this manditory

Arlong Park

Clear the stage with no allies retreating. Again, self-explanatory


Defeat Tashigi in a Kizuna Rush finisher. Unique because she"s the only non-final trùm enemy in the game that requires this

Chapter 2 Legends

Drum Island

Clear the stage with no allies retreating. Again, self-explanatory


Defeat Crocodile twice. Missable if you spkết thúc too much time in the lower territories trying lớn get an Z ranking. He first appears in the central territory beyond Mr 1 and Mr 2.

Moông xã Town

Gain 1500 KOs or 750 (!). Again, effortless when going for an S ranking


Quickly defeat Wiper. Easy lớn get without trying.

Chapter 3 Legends

Water 7

Okay this is where the descriptions start lớn get vague. ShonenGamez has it as "finish the stage before construction worker reinforcements arrive" which is both wrong and vague. What you really need khổng lồ vì chưng is time the battle on Iceburg"s mansion in a way that Namày sneaks through the bachồng door just as the final wave sầu of enemies at the front entrance are being deployed. Mid-battle saves are a must here because there are several ways this can go wrong. There are a total of 10 waves at the front entrance & you must defeat the first 9 & have the 10th deployed as Nami opens the door. It"s possible that you can do this with an earlier wave by clearing it out, then facing Blueno. But frankly it was so annoying & time consuming that I haven"t bothered to chạy thử other variants.

Enies Lobby

All Strawhat strategies succeed. Another vague one, but easier khổng lồ figure out. When you cross the bridge & get Franky, go to Jyabura"s territory và clear it & defeat hyên ổn. Then head further to lớn the corridor leading to Lucci and destroy the switch. This will block Spandam temporarily. From then on, capture territories in a counter-clockwise fashion until they are all captured, saving Kaku"s for last. Only then proceed khổng lồ Lucci. This way, Sanji get"s the Jyabura area, Sogeking gets the bridge, Franky get"s the pantry và Zoro gets the garden. Strategy successful. Then just beat Lucci, save Robin và escape ASAP..

Water 7 Departure

1. Do not let the pirate with Franky"s pants retreat. Easily done going for S or even just your first time through2. Defeat Coby twice. Not difficult. Just rethành viên khổng lồ get hyên ổn the 2nd time in the SW corner of the maps and not just go straight for Garp/Aokiji at the over.

Thriller Bark

Yet again, don"t allow any retreats in the stage.

Chapter 4 Legends

Sabaody Archepelago

Kizuna Rush KO Kizaru when he first appears then vày it again when he"s the trùm. Missable, but easy khổng lồ get without trying.

Impel Down

Defeat Minotaurus 4 times. Easy lớn miss if you don"t keep an eye on hyên, as the stage tends lớn reach the boss sự kiện by the time it"s necessary khổng lồ put hyên down the 3rd time.

Marineford Part 1

Defeat all bosses. Important khổng lồ note you cannot complete this with Luffy because Hancoông xã refuses to fight you. Also, it"s important to lớn go for Hancock và Kuma before defeating Smoker because there"sa good chance the next phase of the stage will start and they will retreat. Also, be sure not to lớn accidentally activate the final trùm sự kiện at the end.

Marineford Part 2

Defeat all bosses. Important lớn note you cannot vì chưng this with Luffy or Whitebeard because you cannot take part in the final phases of the stage, namely fighting dual-fruit Blackbeard. Early on save Garp và Kizaru for last. Also be sure to lớn defeat Sentamarou when possible because he tends lớn stay at the sidelines minding his business. Challenging because most of the characters at your disposal will likely be under-levelled (though can be fixed with beli) và likely unfamiliar to play as.

Final Chapter Legends

Return to Sabaody

Do not allow Perona or Hancochồng khổng lồ retreat. Not difficult at all.

Fishman Island

Escape from Ryugu Palace. Sounds easy, but the triông xã is lớn know which characters allow this. You can only bởi vì this with Zoro, Usopp or Brook. They will begin locked in a room until Brook uses his soul powers lớn scare an enemy into lớn opening the gate.

Punk Hazard

The last one that requires no retreating allies. This includes not allowing any marine captains to be abandoned in the Shinokuni contaminated areas.


All strawhat strategies are successful. This one is rather vague but not too hard to figure out. The most difficult portion is early on. Your goal is khổng lồ get Ceasar Clown to the drop point, but also prevent Bellamy"s group from taking advantage while your"re gone. So take care of the mission-based captains in the town, all the while spending a bit of time supporting Law. All 4 captains in town must be defeated before Bellamy appears, và he must be defeated before he retreats. If you succeed, you will get a green "objective success" message jsut before Doflamingo appears. If not, you will get a red "objective failed" message instead.

A few other actions that may affect this Dressrosa mission:

Going inkhổng lồ the collosseum with LawPreventing all allies from retreating (against their will). This includes Bellamy who appears aftter Fujitora & Doflamingo appear on Green BitPreventing the Blackbeard captains from taking the territory to lớn the southWhen Kuzan becomes a support, use him lớn destroy all underground entranceways (they look like phone booths) marked with a (!).Help conquer the Smile Factory before beating Fujitora and KizaruConquer the Territory where Fujitora startsConquer the Territory where Burgess startsConquer the Territory where Blackbeard startsWhen Bellamy returns as an ally, make sure he doesn"t get defeated early onWhen facing Doflamingo (final boss), make sure lớn deliver the finishing blow on the real Mingo, not the puppets.

Unlockable Abilities và Buff Coins (In Progress)



Blueno Coin: This unlocks gear 2nd. Acquired once Water 7 is completed with LuffyRob Lucci Coin: This unlocks Gear 3rd và TS Luffy"s Elaphant Gatling. Acquired upon completing Enies Lobby with Luffy.


Kaku Coin. This unlocks Asura and TS Zoro"s 2nd Special. Acquired upon completing Enies Lobby with ZoroSword #1 Coin. This is a costume unlock. Acquired upon completing Loguetown with ZoroSword #2 Coin. Another costume unlock. Acquired upon completing Thriller Bark with Zoro.


Enhanced Clima-tact Coin. Appears to be a costume unloông xã. Acquired upon completing Skypeia with Nami. Free Log completion required


Jyabura Coin. Gives PTS Sanji his Diable Jamble ability và TS Sanji"s Hell Memories abilities. Acquired upon the completion of Enies Lobby with Sanji


Kabukhổng lồ Coin. Necessary to gain Usopp"s 2nd Special (both PTS và TS). Acquired upon completing Skypiea with Usopp.Sogeking Coin. Necessary to lớn gain a chất lượng costume unloông chồng. Acquired upon completing Enies Lobby with Usopp. Free Log completion required


Rumble Ball Coin. Necessary to lớn gain the Monster Chopper special for PTS Chopper và TS Chopper"s 2nd special. Acquired upon completing Enies Lobby with Chopper.


Franky Coin (no association with Franky"s limit breaking coin). Necessary lớn gain PTS Robin"s "Grab" special & TS Robin"s 2nd Special. Acquired upon completing Water 7 Departure with Robin.

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Edit: Looks like Law and Tashigi get a gold coin each for completing Punk Hazard with those characters. For both, it goes toward their 2nd special.


This guide was a result of several guides / pieces of information that I collected, sources below: