Salute The Colors Là Gì



 ( salutes   plural và 3rd person present)  ( saluting   present participle)  ( saluted   past tense và past participle )

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1     verb  If you salute someone, you greet them or show your respect with a formal sign. Soldiers usually salute officers by raising their right hand so that their fingers touch their forehead.  One of the company stepped out và saluted the General...    V n  I stood lớn attention và saluted.    V      Salute is also a noun., n-count  also in N  The soldier gave the clenched-fist salute..., He raised his h& in salute.   
2     verb 
To salute a person or their achievements means to publicly show or state your admiration for them.  I salute him for the leadership role that he is taking...    V n 
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