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Little Big City 2 android.ANMP.GloftL2HM
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Currently, there are many big cities in many countries. Cities grow up is a good sign, it signals the development of that area. Have sầu you ever seen pictures of cities lượt thích London, Thành Phố New York or Paris? Large squares, bustling groups, bustling commercial centers, etc. However, bởi vì you know that behind the glamor and wealth of a city is the planning và excellent management by the mayor & the government? If you have sầu the dream of becoming a mayor and building your own city, why don’t you try Little Big City 2 – the great simulation game of the publisher Gameloft.

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The story is fascinating

In this game, you work with an odd mayor & his human resources system. A lot of funny và bad stories appear to increase the humor of the game. Besides, investors have many different opinions, you need to lớn choose a plan khổng lồ develop the city as you lượt thích.

Build your dream city

When you first arrived in Little Big City 2, you will be given a deserted tropical islvà, without a shadow. If you think you have sầu to find a way khổng lồ survive, find food, drink, build weapons to kill zombies or vì chưng something similar, then you’re wrong. Unlike survival games, in this game, your task is to lớn build a bustling city from the little money available. The tutorial section of the game is very detailed and easy to understvà, helping you understand how it works and how khổng lồ play this game.

All the big things start small. First, you need khổng lồ build some residential areas to attract people to live sầu in your đô thị. Your city has nothing but plants và weeds. Clean them up and replace them with high-rise buildings, shopping centers or a large park. After building the first house, you will receive money and experience. Continuing that, you will have sầu a rich city, a paradise for everyone.

Some topics for the đô thị that you can choose from are industry, culture, science, or you can choose all that if you want. Once you have sầu built some great buildings, this will attract more tourists và people lớn live sầu. They are the people who make money for you lớn continue planning và building your thành phố.

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Turn your đô thị inlớn a paradise

The buildings that you build are not just decorative sầu effects. Each building has different effects as their own effect in real life. The airport is responsible for transporting tourists & wharves khổng lồ exchange goods with other cities. Some projects help you harvest agricultural products such as wheat, fruit, meat, etc. The game has hundreds of different buildings, each with three development stages. If you feel some buildings are outdated & manufacturing goods too slowly, replace it with a new building or tăng cấp them.

Money và diamonds are the two main types of money in this game. Money can be earned by producing & exchanging goods. Doing daily tasks is also an effective sầu way to lớn make more money. Diamonds are special money in the game. You can earn diamonds by watching ads, doing quests or buying it in cash. Besides, Little Big City 2 MOD APK gives you a large amount of money so you can build your đô thị quickly.

Beautiful graphics

The interface of Little Big City 2 is very well designed. Your thành phố occupies most of the screen area, some parameters like money, population, diamonds, … are designed horizontally at the top of the screen. Along the left side of the screen are your employees and a list of tasks you need khổng lồ complete.

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Overall, it is hard khổng lồ complain about the graphics. Much improved than its predecessor, the game is designed with stunning & colorful 3D graphics, excellent image chất lượng. Your đô thị is lượt thích a paradise with tall buildings, beaches, trees, parks, etc. Besides, the game also has great performance, which helps the game run stably on most Android device.


When playing Little Big City 2, you can become the best mayor & a billionaire. This đô thị is yours, the money is yours, you can create the most livable thành phố in the world. Why don’t you download this game today and build your own paradise?