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Pokemon Sun & Moon Galaxy: Pokemon Sun & Moon Galaxy is a type of Poketháng ROM Hacks. Fire Red is so popular among muốn players that they want to try it in a variety of ways. Players also search for Poketháng FireRed GBA Hacks.

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If you play Pokemon Sun & Moon Galaxy GBA ROM, you will become addicted lớn the game & will want lớn play it nonstop for the rest of the day until you finish the storey.

Download Poketháng Sun & Moon Galaxy and give it a try.

Poketháng Sun & Moon Galaxy

Poketháng Sun & Moon Galaxy GBA, a GBA ROM hack based on Poketháng Sun and Moon.

It is about 15 years after the story of Pokétháng Trainer Red. Red’s son lives in Pallet town in the Kanlớn Region. But Red disappeared somewhere . The protagonist of the game who starts his journey when many things are totally changed in Kanto lớn.

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After Professor Oak, Brochồng takes his place as the Pokétháng Professor. The protagonist encounters some Pokétháng which is not in the Kanto lớn Pokedex. Eventually, he travels through Alola Region! But the main game takes it’s place in Kanlớn.

Pokemon Sun và Moon Galaxy Game Information

NamePokemon Sun Sky và Moon Galaxy
CreatorIshrak’s PokeTips & Gohan’s Tips
Hachồng ofFireRed

Poketháng Sun & Moon Galaxy Features

A new story has appeared.Mega Evolution can be found here.Regions of Alola và Kankhổng lồ are here in GBA ROM.Alolan, Kanlớn và Galar forms.Shiny PokemonZ moves.Tilesets have sầu been updated.Ultra Beasts.Catch Alolan starters in the wild.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Galaxy Screenshots

Poketháng Sun and Moon Galaxy Bugs

The game Viridian Forest has a bug that causes it to crash. Always save before entering và avoid opening options near NPCs.Some blocks that aren’t visible.Some Pokétháng may have sầu had some unusual abilities.To be safe, use a teleporting Pokémon like Ralts or abra.Some Pokemon cries haven’t been fixed yet. Bulbasaur cry is used by them.A warping problem in a Vermilion City home page will lead you khổng lồ Pewter.

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Poketháng Sun and Moon Galaxy Download

Pokemon Sun Sky GBA ROMS Download – Clichồng Here

Poketháng Moon Galaxy GBA ROMS Download – Cliông chồng Here

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