Thien Dia Chi Ton – the first mobile game of VTC di động – was officially launched khổng lồ players on June 21, a lot of Thien Dia Chi Ton code for gamers to lớn participate in the first day experience. Do you want to own?

Thien Dia Chi Ton is a Smartphone role-playing game released on iOS và Android platforms on June 21. You can download games of VTC di động to your device & play immediately or you can also play on your computer through emulators. Do not forget to receive sầu many valuable game code right out of the box. Refer khổng lồ our information below lớn hunt a lot of great giftcodes.

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Download the game Thien Dia Chi Ton và participate in the event khổng lồ receive the Tan player code on the occasion of the official game

– Download Thien Thien Chi Ton for Android– Download Thien Dia Chi Ton for iPhone

Instructions on how to receive code Thien Dia Chi Ton

Way 1 : Get the code at the code summary page of You can press Ctrl + D to create Bookmark posts, the code will be updated regularly.

Currently, Thien Dia Chi Ton giftcode is available to lớn gamers khổng lồ join any VPS và there are many types that are made public to lớn new players. To have sầu the lachạy thử game code và completely không lấy phí you visit the website of the game Here.

Code Tan Thu Thien Dia Chi Ton distributed the whole server on the occasion of launch

Note: This New Player Code can only be used once và applies to all players, all game accounts. On the other h&, the game code is only used for the official launch event on June 21.

Method 2 : You can get the code Thien Dia Chi Ton on the website specializing in the game or participate in the events being held on the official page of the game, refer khổng lồ the hot events. Here.

Method 3: Join the event in Thien Dia Chi Ton group Here.

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Thien Dia Chi Ton trò chơi – a sản phẩm released by VTC di động – possesses an easy-to-operate thiết kế interface that combines magical, rich & diverse gameplay while allowing players lớn create different PK ways. This role-playing game allows you lớn participate in the most bloody battles with teams & guilds such as boss assassination, inter-VPS clan fighting, stealing other players’ training grounds … Gamers tải về thiết bị di động versions of games on Android or iOS at the respective sầu game portals & tiện ích stores. In addition, many people choose lớn play games on the emulator feature for a more epic experience

Instructions on how to enter the code Thien Dia Chi Ton

Step 1 : On the main screen interface of the game, select the part Welfare upper right corner.



Thien Dia Chi Ton is a first round role-playing game on Smartphone. The game attracts gamers in classic role-playing gameplay with traditional main-line missions combining lively levels with many options. One thing is regrettable in this game is that the character type selection is limited to only two factions: Cuong Saber & Sword Co. If you can choose more perhaps the game will be more interesting. However, in return, the game possesses a rich & adventurous gameplay, so it is attractive lớn those who love to explore. Download the game Thien Dia Chi Ton và play completely suitable for devices such as iPad, Samsung phone, Xiaomày, Oppo, Điện thoại HTC …

Some pictures of the game Thien Dia Chi Ton on the opening day:




In addition lớn the Mobile experience, gamers can completely play Thien Dia Chi Ton on the computer conveniently, even bringing more interesting animations. Playing Thien Dia Chi Ton on PC is done by Bluestacks emulator with simple and convenient game downloads. You can also customize how lớn set up shortcuts khổng lồ play games without using the mouse. Wish you have a really interesting time with VTC Mobile’s products.

Thien Ha Anh Hung is an attractive sầu thẻ game today, quickly tải về & use the code Thien Ha Anh Hung to lớn have the opportunity lớn receive sầu the most valuable items in the game.

The hottest Tam Quoc game in summer 2018 – Hoanh Tao Tam Quoc – preparing to launch players. You can get a lot of code Hoanh Tao Tam Quoc when participating in events organized to lớn wait for the game khổng lồ open, quickly join now.

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The South Korean game Darkness Rises was officially released globally by Nexon. You can tải về Darkness Rises & play the game right now lớn feel the bloody action in a mysterious medieval European setting.