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If you’re looking lớn get your English classes started off in style, then keep on reading for my favourite ESL warmers, including games & activities. They’re the perfect thing to vì chưng before jumping into the heart of the lesson. Help get your students ready to lớn learn with these ESL warm-up activities & games!


ESL warm up activities

Even More ESL Activities & Games for Adults

#3: Proofreading/Editing

To keep proper grammar usage fresh in your students’ minds, they should practice frequently. This doesn’t need khổng lồ be a full grammar lesson; a quiông xã warm-up can vày the trichồng. You can give your students a variety of errors khổng lồ correct: word choice, word order, punctuation, capitalization, etc.

Students should write sentences or passages correctly. Begin this activity by asking students a few reviews questions about whatever rules they are practicing. (“When bởi vì you use capital letters?” or “What is a run-on sentence? How can you fix it?”).

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It’s a very good way to reinforce basic writing concepts. You can also have students work together in pairs to complete this activity, which works particularly well if they’re beginners.

More details about this warm-up activity here:

Proofreading + Editing ESL Warm-Up

Like these ESL Warmers?

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ESL Warm-Up Activities #4: The Alphabet Game

This is a simple way lớn introduce a topic. For example, jobs, cities, animals, etc. Have sầu pairs of students write down A—>Z on one piece of paper. Give sầu them 2-4 minutes khổng lồ think of one word/letter that fits that certain category. 

Some examples of categories that work quite well include:

Classroom vocabularyJobsFood or drinksAnimals

I make a rule that they can’t use proper nouns. If you want to increase the difficulty and if you have a small class, you can make a rule that if 2 teams have the same word, it doesn’t count which forces students to think more creatively.

Example: Topic = animals

Alligator Bat Cat

This is a great way to reinforce the alphabet and sounds with very young, beginner students.

If you want to add another layer of challenge for smaller classes, make a rule that they don’t get a point if another team or person has the same answer. This will force your students khổng lồ guess what other people will write và get creative sầu.

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This activity is certainly one of my favourite category games so be sure lớn kiểm tra it out.

ESL trò chơi #5: Boggle

You’ve probably played the word game Boggle before. You have to shake up the letters & then you have sầu a certain amount of time lớn make some words with connecting letters.

You can also play it with your students but you don’t need the actual Boggle game. Simply 3D a grid on the whiteboard, PowerPoint, or on a piece of paper. I make a 6×6 one & put some obvious words in lượt thích colors or animals.

Then, students go in pairs & have sầu to make as many words as possible that are 4+ letters. You can give sầu a bonus for longer words if you lượt thích. At the end, students count up how many points they have, you can double-check for any errors và then award a small prize khổng lồ the winning team.

For example:


Some possible words from this board:

green, pink, rake, baông xã, fire, fires, fast, road, rose

***If you have sầu small classes, consider investing in a Boggle game. Here’s a Super-Big Boggle trò chơi on Amazon.

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Quick Tip: Depending on where the students sit in your class, it may be difficult lớn see the board well enough for this activity. So, I usually allow students khổng lồ change seats if they have sầu to lớn.