Emulation, Differentiation, And Syncretization In Colonial

NoteThe following post does NOT contain any sort of paid sponsorship. All of these opinions are based on my own trial-and-error experiences, & I have not received any compensation for sharing them with you!

If you’ve sầu read the story of my first mistake-ridden visit lớn Jamaica, you’re probably wondering why I keep returning. Well, it’s pretty simple! I learned my lesson, và I won’t make the same mistake twice! I definitely didn’t do Jamaica right the first time.

But look at you!

You’re reading this!

That means you’re already doing more retìm kiếm than I did. You’ve got nothing lớn worry about!

No worries here!

The first thing you might be wondering is whether you want to lớn take advantage of one of Jamaica’s many all-inclusive sầu resort options.

My short answer? No.

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Here’s the thing: If you’re on a tight budget, all-inclusive sầu is a great way khổng lồ save sầu some money. But if you really want to lớn experience the best of Jamaica, it’s worth saving up & taking a more expensive sầu trip. An all-inclusive sầu simply doesn’t allow you lớn experience the culture & food that Jamaica has lớn offer.

But if you’re going khổng lồ save up & spkết thúc a little more than what you would at an all-inclusive, you want to make sure you’ve REALLY found the best place lớn put that hard-earned money.

Well, I’ve gone baông chồng và forth và stayed in several different hotels in Jamaica. I always over up bachồng at Rockhouse Negril.


Infinity pool on the cliff. Not pictured: Me with my pina colada!

Why indeed? Glad you asked.

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Simply put, it has everything I’m looking for in one location.

So what AM I looking for? Well, I’m glad you asked that too!

Mainly, I’m looking for comfort, good food, và access to local culture.

Okay, so let’s talk comfort.

Obviously, the rooms matter. I’ve sầu stayed in nearly all of the room categories, from the standard khổng lồ the premium villa. I’m definitely a sucker for the rooms with the outdoor showers, but even the less expensive sầu rooms are fine for a good, comfortable night’s sleep.

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But forget the rooms for a moment. Let’s talk about the spa. Let’s talk about the pool with all of the comfy chairs, the view of the Caribbean Sea, & ever-convenient access lớn the pool bar và pool menu. It doesn’t get much more comfortable than that!

Turtles welcome you to lớn the spa!
Poolside lounging

And how about the food? Well, here’s what’s really fun about this place. In addition to the aforementioned pool thực đơn, Rockhouse also has two restaurants on site, và they are both excellent. I particularly recommend the Old Time Sinting, the goat curry, và the whole steamed fish!

The view from the restaurant!

Now for the local culture element. This might seem like a strange thing to lớn include in one’s hotel criteria! But that’s one of the reasons I love Rockhouse. They actively encourage you to lớn explore local culture with their Roots And Culture Passport!

Upon check-in, Rockhouse provides you with a cute little passport book filled with pages of classic Jamaican activities. Some of them keep you at the hotel (enjoying a spa làm đẹp treatment, spinning some records at the onsite Pushcart restaurant, taking a yoga or cooking class), but most of them encourage you lớn get out và try some local fruits, visit the beach, explore the lighthouse, go snorkeling…the các mục goes on and on. And once you complete an activity, you get a stamp! Earn enough stamps, và you can turn them in for a prize at the end of your stay! My favorite challenge in the passport book is the one where you leave your cell phone locked in a safe for 24 hours. Survive sầu the challenge and you earn THREE stamps!

If this sounds lượt thích the perfect place khổng lồ come trang chủ at the over of a beautiful day in Jamaica, then the hotel you’re looking for his Rockhouse.