UPDATE 7/29: We are very excited lớn announce we are releasing 11 Insider Previews Build 22000.100 to lớn Insiders in the Beta Channel! We highly recommkết thúc Insiders in the Beta Channel check out this blog post from June 28th that highlights all the new things in 11 to kiểm tra out & give us feedbachồng on as you use it! As always, be sure khổng lồ check out the list of known issues in the blog post below on anything that could impact your experience on your PC. We have sầu also added a few new known issues discovered from Insiders in the Dev Channel since the release last week.

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NOTE: Insiders in the Beta Channel will not have Chat from Microsoft Teams. We will be looking khổng lồ enable this for the Beta Channel in the coming weeks.

If you are in the Dev Channel, now would be the right time lớn consider switching to lớn the Beta Channel if you want to lớn stay on more stabilized builds of 11. For those of you new to lớn the Insider Program & flighting of OS updates – kiểm tra out this article for how flighting works. (We use the term “flighting” for the activity of releasing new OS updates to Insiders.)


Hello Insiders, today we are releasing 11 Insider PĐánh Giá Build 22000.100 khổng lồ everyone in the Dev Channel!

Changes và Improvements

The hidden icons flyout on the lower right of the Taskbar has been updated lớn match the new visuals of 11. (Please note – it may not look right after updating khổng lồ this build – toggling between two themes will correct the issue.)
The hidden icons flyout on the Taskbar has been updated with the new 11 visuals.We added the ability to lớn quickly access Focus assist settings directly from Notification Center.
You can quickly access Focus assist settings directly from Notification Center.When a background activity from an app requires attention, the ứng dụng will flash on the Taskbar to get your attention. In 11, we have sầu updated this thiết kế so that it still grabs your attention but with a calming treatment that minimizes the impact of unwarranted distractions. The subtle flashing eventually stops, và you will see a slightly red backplate & red pill under the tiện ích inhỏ continuing lớn note a background activity needs your attention. Let us know what you think!
Slightly red backplate of ứng dụng ibé và red pill under the ibé signify a background activity needs your attention.The touch keyboard icon in the Taskbar has been adjusted to be more consistent with the size of the other icons in the corner of the Taskbar.The Taskbar calendar flyout will now fully collapse down when clicking the chevron in the top corner lớn give you more room for notifications.In the lakiểm tra Microsoft Store update rolling out khổng lồ Insiders, we made navigation in our new Microsoft Store feel fast and fun. When you select an ứng dụng or movie you’re interested in, you might notice some animations that help you keep trachồng of what you’re browsing. Give it a try, we hope you lượt thích it as much as we do.
New animations in Microsoft Store that help you keep trachồng of what you’re browsing.


Taskbar:We fixed the issue that was causing Explorer.exe to crash when the date và time button on the Taskbar is clicked khổng lồ access new notifications with Focus Assist turned off.Added the missing settings icons for the context thực đơn entries when right clicking network, volume, & battery in the Taskbar.Fixed an issue that was making the clock in the Taskbar get stuck và out of sync.Addressed an explorer.exe crash that could happen after resuming from standby, related lớn the volume ibé in the Taskbar.Addressed an issue where the progress bar below phầm mềm icons in the Taskbar was not displaying in some cases.Clicking on the Taskbar when either Start or Search is open will now make them dismiss.If you tap Taskbar icons using touch you should now see the same inhỏ animation that was visible when using the mouse.The lunar calendar (when enabled) text should no longer overlap the numbers in the Taskbar calendar flyout.The calendar flyout should now show the correct month when in a collapsed state.The date at the top of the calendar flyout should now follow your preferred format và not the format matching your display language.If the Start thực đơn is open, when hovering over Task View the window will now appear above Start menu instead of behind it.Right-clicking Task View will now make the pđánh giá window dismiss so you can actually use the context thực đơn.Fixed an issue where if you clichồng on a snap group in the Taskbar, it might not bring up all the phầm mềm after docking & undocking.The icons used for the On / Off indicators in the Taskbar for the Pinyin IME are now a consistent size.Signing out & bachồng in when battery saver is running should no longer result in Taskbar becoming transparent.Mitigated an issue making the network inhỏ sometimes unexpectedly not show in the Taskbar.The Taskbar pReviews will no longer draw offscreen after upgrading to lớn this build.Settings:We fixed an issue causing multiple buttons and options in Settings to not work in the previous flight, including Go Bachồng & Rephối Your PC under Recovery, enabling Developer mode, renaming your PC, & enabling Remote Desktop.The page titles in Settings should no longer be drawing too high up / off screen.Searching for add và remove programs in Settings should now return the expected Settings page.We’ve done some work lớn help tìm kiếm in Settings initialize faster.Addressed an issue that was causing crashes in Settings when interacting with the Insider Program section.Fixed an issue that could make Settings crash on launch.Fixed an ibé rendering issue in Power và Battery Settings.Fixed some reliability issues with the Language & Region page in Settings.Made a change khổng lồ help address a problem where the pReview in Personalization Settings sometimes unexpectedly showed you were using a blaông xã wallpaper when you weren’t.The fonts used in the Lochồng Screen Settings preview should now match the actual loông xã screen.Fixed a bug making all the icons in Quick Settings appear unexpectedly flipped for Insiders using the Arabic display language.Using the brightness slider in Quichồng Settings should now show a number as you’re adjusting, like it does with volume.File Explorer:Using mouse to lớn open the context menu in File Explorer & on the desktop should no longer display a keyboard focus rectangle on first launch (until you start using the keyboard khổng lồ navigate it).We’ve sầu tweaked the context thực đơn khổng lồ address feedback that sometimes submenus were unexpectedly closing when you were trying khổng lồ use them.Fixed a flicker where you could see New become New Item in the context thực đơn.We’ve done some work on the context thực đơn positioning lô ghích so that submenus should no longer appear partially offscreen or unexpectedly far away.We fixed two issues impacting explorer.exe pháo reliability when bringing up the context menu, including specifically when right-clicking on a zip tệp tin.Addressed an issue causing the “Unpin from Start” option when right clicking an app khổng lồ not work.Search:Fixed an issue making Search’s shadow appear boxy.Have sầu adjusted the positioning of the Search window when the Taskbar is left aligned, so that it matches Start.We’ve sầu addressed an issue where what was displaying when hovering over the Search ibé in the Taskbar wasn’t in sync with what would actually launch when you clicked one of the entries.If you’ve launched websites using Search, those should now be properly displayed in the recent searches when hovering over the Search ibé in the Taskbar.Made a change lớn address an issue where some Insiders were unexpectedly not seeing the brightness slider in Quiông xã Settings after upgrading.Widgets:We fixed an issue resulting in your widget configurations not getting saved và unexpectedly being rephối.The widgets board và nội dung should now be sized for the correct screen when using multiple monitors.Addressed an issue where sign-in wasn’t working for widgets in some scenarquả táo due to lớn authentication hanging.We’ve sầu made another fix to address the cloông xã in the widgets board not following your preferred format.Other:Device Security should no longer say “Standard hardware security not supported” for Insiders with supported hardware.With this build the access keys for WIN + X (so that you can do things like “WIN + X M” lớn launch Device Manager) should now appear consistently.Fingerprint sign in should no longer stop working after rebooting your PC.Addressed an accessibility issue where keyboard focus would disappear from Start after pressing Tab then Shift + Tab.Fixed a bug causing the informational pop ups in voice typing lớn not dismiss on cliông xã.Fixed an infinite loop making some Insider’s devices hang during shutdown.We made an adjustment lớn help address an issue causing the title bar to not render correctly on certain apps.Made a fix lớn stop your wallpaper from flashing when switching between Desktops.Updated the snap layouts window to lớn now use the default animation for flyouts instead of just popping in.Addressed an issue that was making Sticky Notes & Microsoft To Do crash on launch sometimes.Fixed a DWM memory leak that was happening when rotating your device baông chồng & forth between landscape và portrait mode.Made a change khổng lồ address the issue where text could become truncated in the message dialog from Update alerting that an update was ready.Window borders should now be displayed correctly when using high contrast.Turning off “Show shadows under” in Performance Options should now actually turn off the shadows under’ve sầu made some tweaks khổng lồ fix an issue where context menus and tooltip were appearing far from the mouse when using with the Arabic display language.Addressed an issue where the network icons on the loông xã screen và login screen weren’t consistent.

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Known issues

Start:In some cases, you might be unable lớn enter text when using Search from Start or the Taskbar. If you experience the issue, press WIN + R on the keyboard to lớn launch the Run dialog box, then cthua thảm it.System và Terminal is missing when right-clicking on the Start button (WIN + X).Taskbar:The Taskbar will sometimes flicker when switching input đầu vào methods.Settings: Links to lớn specific Settings pages are not navigating khổng lồ the correct page in Settings unless Settings is already open.When launching the Settings tiện ích, a brief green flash may appear.When using Quick Settings lớn modify Accessibility settings, the settings UI may not save sầu the selected state.Settings will crash when clicking “Facial recognition ( Hello)” under Sign-in Settings if Hello is already set up.File Explorer:Explorer.exe crashes in a loop for Insiders using the Turkish display language when battery charge is at 100%.The context thực đơn sometimes doesn’t render completely và ends up truncated.Clicking a desktop ibé or context thực đơn entry may result in the wrong tác phẩm being selected.Search:After clicking the Search icon on the Taskbar, the Search panel may not open. If this occurs, restart the “ Explorer” process, và open the tìm kiếm panel again.When you hover your mouse over the Search inhỏ on the Taskbar, recent searches may not be displayed. To work around the issue, restart your PC.Search panel might appear as blachồng and not display any content below the search box.Widgets:Widgets board may appear empty. To work around the issue, you can sign out và then sign baông chồng in again.Launching link from the widgets board may not invoke apps to the foreground.Widgets may be displayed in the wrong form size on external monitors. If you encounter this, you can launch the widgets via touch or WIN + W shortcut on your actual PC display first & then launch on your secondary monitors.Store:We are working to improve search relevance in the Store including resolving an issue where in some cases the ordering of tìm kiếm results is inaccurate.The install button might not be functional yet in some limited scenarquả táo.Rating and đánh giá are not available for some Security For some Insiders, the text is not displayed correctly in the UAC dialog. This issue impacts Insiders not running under EN-US.“Automatic sample submission” is unexpectedly turned off when you restart your Hello (Face) may show an error saying “Something went wrong” when attempting lớn sign in after upgrading. To work around this, sign in with your password or PIN and:mở cửa Device Manager.Uninstall “ Hello Face Software Device” under “Biometric devices”.Localization Sandbox:The Taskbar will crash continuously in Sandbox. The team is investigating a fix.

For developers

You can tải về the lademo Insider SDK at The Insider SDK will be continuously flighting with corresponding 11 Insider PReview builds, và the lathử nghiệm Insider SDK for Build 22000.100 is now available.

Developers can check out this blog post that dives inkhổng lồ the details behind the new context menus in 11 và how to lớn take advantage of them and the chia sẻ dialog in their apps.

Important Insider Links

You can check out our Insider Program documentation here, including a danh sách of all the new features and updates released in builds so far. Are you not seeing any of the features listed for this build? Check your Insider Settings khổng lồ make sure you’re in the Dev Channel. Submit feedbaông chồng here lớn let us know if things weren’t working the way you expected.

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If you want a complete look at what build is in which Insider channel, head over to Flight Hub. Please note, there will be a slight delay between when a build is flighted and when Flight Hub is updated.